The Role of Technology in Advancing Screen for Life Initiatives

healthcare workers using technology

In Singapore, proactive healthcare initiatives like Screen for Life aim to promote early detection and prevention of chronic diseases through regular health screenings. With the rapid advancement of technology, these initiatives are leveraging innovative tools and digital solutions to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. This article explores the pivotal role of technology in advancing Screen […]

How to Check Eligibility and Apply for CHAS Subsidies

doctor filling out patient information

In Singapore, the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) plays a vital role in providing affordable healthcare services to eligible individuals. Under CHAS, subsidies are available for various medical treatments, consultations, and medications, helping to ease the financial burden on residents seeking healthcare services. If you’re wondering how to check your eligibility and apply for CHAS […]

How Will the Launch of the Whitelisted Drugs Affect Me?

several different medications on the table

The recent launch of whitelisted drugs in Singapore has sparked curiosity and raised questions among individuals regarding its impact on their healthcare journey. Understanding the implications of these changes is essential for all residents seeking subsidized healthcare services. Let’s look into this topic and explore how the introduction of whitelisted drugs may affect you as […]

How Often Should I Go for a Full Body Checkup?

male doctor examining a female patient

Regular health checkups play a pivotal role in safeguarding one’s overall well-being and detecting potential health issues early. In Singapore, individuals often ponder the frequency of full body checkups to ensure optimal health. Let’s look deeper into this topic and explore the factors influencing how often one should undergo a comprehensive health screening. Understanding Full […]

The Role of LPA in Financial Planning: Safeguarding Your Assets

old man smiling and signing something

Financial planning is an essential aspect of securing one’s future, especially in Singapore, where the cost of living and healthcare expenses are steadily rising. Among the crucial components of financial planning is the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), a legal document that allows individuals to appoint someone they trust to make decisions on their behalf […]

How to Treat a Child with Fever at Home

little girl with fever lying in bed holding a glass of water

Medically Reviewed by Dr Welras Long (M.B.B.S, Singapore. MRCS, England) Dealing with a child’s fever can be a worrying experience for any parent or caregiver. While fever itself is not typically harmful and is often a sign that the body is fighting off an infection, it’s essential to know how to manage it safely and […]

Common Misconceptions About the Flu Vaccine: Debunking Myths

vial of flu vaccine with a syringe

Medically Reviewed by Dr Welras Long (M.B.B.S, Singapore. MRCS, England) In recent years, the importance of flu vaccination has become increasingly recognized as a vital measure for protecting public health. However, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of the flu vaccine, numerous misconceptions continue to circulate.  In this article, we will address […]

FAQs About Vomiting in Children

little boy crying and covering his mouth

Medically Reviewed by Dr Welras Long (M.B.B.S, Singapore. MRCS, England) Vomiting, especially in children, can be a cause of concern for parents and caregivers. While it’s a common occurrence and often resolves on its own, understanding the causes, treatment options, and when to seek medical help is crucial for ensuring the well-being of your child.  […]

Why is 6 Months the Ideal Interval Between Medical Examinations?

doctor examining the eye of a female patient

Medically Reviewed by Dr Ho Ying Jie (M.B.B.S., Singapore) In Singapore, regular medical examinations are crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. The 6-monthly medical examination (6ME) has become a standard practice, offering individuals the opportunity to undergo comprehensive health screenings every six months.  But why is six months considered the ideal interval between medical […]

Why are Diabetes, Hypertension, and Lipid Diseases So Rampant in Singapore?

nurse getting the blood pressure of a patient in bed

Medically Reviewed by Dr Ho Ying Jie (M.B.B.S., Singapore) Singapore, a vibrant hub of economic prosperity and cultural diversity, is facing a significant health challenge with the escalating prevalence of diabetes, hypertension, and lipid diseases. This article will look into the multifaceted factors contributing to the surge in these chronic conditions, examine their profound impact […]