What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG is a new, long-term reform healthcare plan for Singapore implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to empower one to take charge of their own health at every life stage.

The landscape of health issues in Singapore is ever changing, we are currently seeing chronic diseases becoming more prevalent and this in turn will impact the financial and emotional burdens of Singaporeans as well as the health burdens on Singapore’s health systems. Therefore, Healthier SG was initiated in view of turning the tide of our current health issues, offering a preventive care approach, thus enabling us to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Through the Healthier SG scheme, you can enrol with your preferred family doctor who will aid you in your health matters through continuous care as well as journey with you to achieve your own health goals.

What are the benefits of Healthier SG?

Health Benefits

a. Develop a personalised health plan based on your needs

Choosing Keystone Clinic & Surgery as your family health provider enables you to continue seeing your preferred doctor who should have already been more or less familiar with your health history and existing conditions. Through building this strong rapport, our doctors will be able to recommend and co-develop a personalised health plan based on your needs and preferences for you to work towards.

b. Greater access to community programmes

Family, friends and the community play a significant role in encouraging individuals to make adjustments to their routines on a consistent basis. With Healthier SG, community partners such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB), People’s Association (PA), and Sport Singapore
(SportSG) will work together to further enhance the range and accessibility of activities
which promotes healthier living.

These community activities will provide individuals in their journey of living healthily with options to choose from as they adopt a healthier lifestyle. Individuals with higher clinical risks will also be able to participate in structured programmes such as weight management or smoking cessation programmes under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Additionally, Seniors Citizens can also benefit from additional support from Eldercare Centres.

Financial Benefits

c. Seeing your family doctor sometimes forms a notion that it might be more expensive as compared to seeing the doctors in the polyclinics. With Healthier SG being launched, the idea is also to provide Singaporean Citizens with similar subsidies as compared to the public settings, enabling individuals to go for nationally recommended health screenings and vaccinations.

Singapore Citizens can enjoy free nationally recommended vaccinations and screenings when they visit Keystone Clinic & Surgery after appointing us as your Healthier SG clinic.

d. Greater healthcare subsidies

Starting 2024, patients under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) will be able to pay the full amount for their treatment using their Medisave
. This replaces the current co-pay system of 15% of the bill.

CHAS cardholders enrolled to Healthier SG General Practitioner (GP) clinics with higher chronic medication needs and bills can opt for the new Healthier SG Chronic Tier. This allows you to enjoy greater subsidies of up to 87.5% for selected chronic medications from 2024 onwards, making prices of these medicines at GP clinics comparable to those at polyclinics. You will also receive subsidies of up to $360 annually for other aspects of your chronic care (e.g. consultation and lab tests).

e. Earn health points

After completing your first onboarding consultation with your chosen Healthier SG clinic, and co-created your health plan, you will receive $20 worth of Healthpoints through the Healthy365 app which you can use to exchange for vouchers from participating merchants. In your journey towards living healthier, you will also earn Healthpoints when staying active or buying healthier food options in the supermarket.

What will be my Healthier SG journey?

Step 1 - Enrolment

  • MOH will send an SMS to your registered mobile number if you are eligible
  • Download and access your Healthhub App and choose Keystone Clinic & Surgery as your desired healthcare provider
  • Schedule your free first health plan consultation with us

Step 2 - Developing Personalised Health Plans

  • Discuss your medical history and desired health goals with the doctor
  • Collaboratively design a personalised health plan including health screening and lifestyle changes

Step 3 - Take Charge of Your Own Health

  • Follow your developed health plan which will be available on Healthhub App
  • Discover and participate in activities provided by the community partners such as the Health Promotion Board (HPB), People’s Association (PA), and Sport Singapore (SportSG)
  • Additional support from Eldercare Centres is available for senior citizens
  • Monitor your physical activities on the Healthy 365 App

Step 4 - Review

  • Discuss your progress in the health plan with the doctor during teleconsultations or physical check-ins

How do I Enroll?

From May 2023, residents aged 40 and above with chronic illness can enrol with their current GP clinic if the clinic is Healthier SG-registered.

Healthier SG benefits for these enrolled residents will commence from July 2023 in line with the National Enrolment Programme.

From July 2023, the National Enrolment Programme will start with Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who are aged 60 years and above. They will be invited via SMS to choose any Healthier SG clinic or polyclinic. SMS invitations will also be sent progressively to other age groups.

You can then enrol by choosing your preferred clinic in Healthhub or heading down to the Healthier-SG clinic for assisted enrollment.

Alternatively, you can look for Healthier SG ambassadors at roadshows or community events. They are also deployed at many other locations including community clubs, polyclinics and Joint Testing and Vaccination Centres. These ambassadors are deployed to assist the elderly residents who may be less tech-savvy or without smart devices.

Who is Eligible for Healthier SG?

As of December 2023, any Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are aged 40 years and above can enrol.

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