Keystone Clinic & Surgery offers COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab tests as approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH). The COVID-19 PCR test checks for the presence of the COVID-19 antigen and is considered the most accurate test for COVID-19.

Those who will be taking a COVID-19 pre-departure test for travel purposes need to be mindful of the testing window so that they can meet their destination country’s travel restrictions. Do ensure that there is sufficient time to have your PCR swab test done and get your results before you depart from Singapore. Travelers are responsible for checking if the clinic can meet the testing window requirements of the country.

As the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, do check for the latest updates for each country’s entry requirements.

For the pre-departure PCR test, make sure you bring the following documents:

For travelers who will be taking a saliva-based pre-departure test, observe the following instructions strictly at least an hour before the collection of the sample:
COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) swab tests Singapore
Covid Pre departure PCR test

Which COVID-19 Pre-Departure Tests Should You Take?

If you are traveling to countries that require COVID-19 PCR test for entry, you can take the nasal swab PCR test. The saliva-based PCR test is for those who are traveling to countries that accept saliva-based tests. The list of countries accepting saliva-based PCR tests can change anytime so it is recommended that you check the most recent travel advisories from the destination country before booking your pre-departure PCR test. To be eligible for the saliva-based PCR test, you need to be at least 6 years old and above and have no acute respiratory infection.

COVID-19 Testing: All the Essentials You Need to Know

The following are considered the ideal times to get tested for COVID-19:
For those who have the following symptoms, have yourself tested immediately.

Those with COVID-19 will experience various symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Symptoms can manifest at least 2 to 14 days after the exposure. The list above does not cover all the likely symptoms. It is also important to remember that symptoms can change with new variants and can also vary depending on the vaccination status.

Older adults and those with underlying medical conditions like lung disease, diabetes, or heart disease are at a higher risk for getting the infection. If you experience the symptoms below, you need to seek medical attention right away. The following are the warning signs you should look out for:

COVID-19 Testing pcr test near me

The Difference Between PCR Swab Test and COVID-19 Serology Test

A COVID-19 serology test won’t be able to determine if the individual is infected with the virus. A COVID-19 PCR test on the other hand is a diagnostic test that can detect the infection. Serology tests can also detect past infections. Oftentimes, they are used for pre-departure screening and contact tracing purposes.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About the COVID-19 Test

Keystone Clinic & Surgery will provide the standardized Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Swab Test results memo as guided by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Do check if your destination country requires additional verification or documents.

You can call any of our clinics to book an appointment.
There are no eligibility requirements.
For pre-departure tests, your identity card, passport and booking reference showing your departure flight timing are required. For voluntary swab tests, any form of identification (passport/identity card) will be sufficient.
There are currently no subsidies available.

It will usually take one working day to get your results.

Yes it is possible to do an express pre-departure test at an additional cost. Results will be out within 3 hours upon arrival at the laboratory.

Results will be sent to your registered email address.

Do call us immediately to reschedule your appointment.

Do follow all current existing guidelines regarding testing positive for COVID-19 in Singapore.

It is advisable that you have an appointment so that we can serve you promptly. Walk-ins are still allowed, but patients with appointments will be prioritized.

It is possible that this may cause your test to be inconclusive. Do check with us for further advice should you not feel well before the test.

No preparations are required for the nasal swab. However, do not eat or drink anything (except water), use mouthwash, brush your teeth or smoke an hour before the saliva PCR test.
The swab will take no longer than 5 minutes.

It is possible that your COVID-19 PCR Swab Test results may return as inconclusive. In that event, a repeat test may be conducted and is chargeable. Hence, do plan for ample time before your travel to account for such scenarios. Keystone Clinic & Surgery and/or the appointed laboratories vendor(s) shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities in the event that an inconclusive test affects your travel plans.

Do check with your destination country for their entry requirements as the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving.