How Will the Launch of the Whitelisted Drugs Affect Me?

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The recent launch of whitelisted drugs in Singapore has sparked curiosity and raised questions among individuals regarding its impact on their healthcare journey. Understanding the implications of these changes is essential for all residents seeking subsidized healthcare services. Let’s look into this topic and explore how the introduction of whitelisted drugs may affect you as […]

Why Did The Singapore Government Start Emphasizing the Importance of a Dedicated Physician?

doctor talking to a male patient lying in a hospital bed

In recent years, the Singapore government has been placing increased emphasis on the importance of having a dedicated physician. This strategic move aligns with the broader goal of promoting a healthier Singapore and fostering a proactive approach to healthcare.  This article examines the reasons behind this shift, the benefits of having a dedicated physician, and […]

Introducing the Healthier SG Chronic Subsidy Tier for Healthier SG Enrollees

Singapore, renowned for its commitment to healthcare excellence, continues to evolve its healthcare ecosystem. The latest addition to this commitment is the Healthier SG Chronic Subsidy Tier, a groundbreaking initiative set to commence from 1st February 2024.  Understanding the Healthier SG Chronic Subsidy Tier The Healthier SG Chronic Subsidy Tier is a specialized framework crafted […]

Signs that Warrant a Visit to the Doctor

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Medically reviewed by Dr Ho Ying Jie, M.B.B.S (Singapore) With Healthier SG on the horizon, Singapore is encouraging everyone to take greater ownership of their own health. This means that regular visits to your doctor for check-ins are an important part of maintaining good health. However, there are certain signs and symptoms that should not […]