Managing Chronic Diseases

two healthcare professionals assisting an elderly male patient

Medically reviewed by Dr Jackie Lam, M.B.B.S. (Singapore) Chronic diseases pose a significant health challenge globally, including in Singapore. The management of these conditions often involves a multifaceted approach, with medications playing a crucial role. This article explores the considerations and nuances surrounding the use of medications in the management of chronic diseases within the […]

Why Is There a Need for 6 Different CHAS Tiers?

father making a heart shape with doctor

In the intricate tapestry of Singapore’s healthcare landscape, the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) has emerged as a pivotal program, offering subsidized healthcare services to eligible individuals. The question that often arises is: Why are there six different CHAS tiers? This article will answer the question, exploring the nuances of the six tiers and explaining […]

Why Does Singapore Adopt a Healthcare System of Differentiated Charges Instead of Free Healthcare?

elderly male doctor speaking with a young female patient

Singapore’s healthcare system is distinctive, characterized by differentiated charges rather than a completely free healthcare model. This unique approach has garnered international attention for its effectiveness.  In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Singapore’s decision to adopt differentiated charges in its healthcare system, exploring the benefits and considerations that have shaped this approach. […]

Why the Necessity for Pre-Employment Checkups?

young male doctor examining a female patient

In Singapore, as in many countries, one of the requirements for obtaining a work permit is a pre-employment medical checkup. This practice raises ethical questions about the treatment of foreign workers and the necessity of such examinations. This article looks into the ethical considerations surrounding mandatory medical checkups for foreign workers seeking employment in Singapore. […]

Hospitals, General Practitioners and Polyclinics: Which Should Singaporeans Choose?

healthcare professionals wheeling in a patient

Navigating the healthcare landscape in Singapore involves making choices that align with individual needs and preferences. Understanding the roles of hospitals, general practitioners (GPs), and polyclinics is essential for informed decision-making.  In this article, we will explore these healthcare options and provide insights to help you make choices that best suit your health requirements. The […]