How Useful are Pre‐Employment Medical Examinations in Preventing Injury and Disease in Workers?

female doctor checking the bp of a male patient

In the dynamic and evolving landscape of Singapore’s workforce, the importance of pre-employment medical examinations cannot be overstated. These examinations serve as a cornerstone in promoting occupational health, preventing potential workplace hazards, and ensuring the well-being of both employers and employees.  This article explores the multifaceted significance of pre-employment medical examinations, their effectiveness in preventing […]

Why the Necessity for Pre-Employment Checkups?

young male doctor examining a female patient

In Singapore, as in many countries, one of the requirements for obtaining a work permit is a pre-employment medical checkup. This practice raises ethical questions about the treatment of foreign workers and the necessity of such examinations. This article looks into the ethical considerations surrounding mandatory medical checkups for foreign workers seeking employment in Singapore. […]