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Miriqa Hair Extra

MIRIQA® Hair Extra Strength Professional Nutrition Supplement is made from KSM-66 Winter Cherry, Curcumin Bio-max, and is packed with extra doses of a patented blend of drug-free nutraceutical (derived from food sources) ingredients that work synergistically to help every stage of the natural hair growth cycle to promote hair growth; to help you combat stress-induced hair fall, achieve healthier hair growth, and attain a fuller head of hair. Ingredient Tocotrienol (increases hair count) Saw Palmetto Berries (blocks the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, preventing the thinning of hair shafts) Tripeptide Collagen (increases the thickness of hair shafts) Biotin (Vitamin B7) Keratin Forte (a fibrous structural protein that makes up hair; reduces hair loss, and increases hair strength and brightness) KSM-66 Winter Cherry (reduces cortisol levels and builds resistance to stress; stress being a major factor contributing to inhibited hair growth) Curcumin Bio-max (Antioxidant with high bioavailability that rejuvenates hair follicles.