The GPFirst Programme – How Does It Benefit Me?

woman speaking with her doctor

Singapore’s healthcare system is renowned for its efficiency and accessibility, continually evolving to meet the needs of its population. One such initiative is the GPFirst Programme, designed to streamline healthcare services and ensure that patients receive timely and appropriate care.  This article explores the GPFirst Programme, its benefits, and how it can enhance your healthcare […]

What are the Different Healthcare Financing Schemes in Singapore?

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Singapore’s healthcare system is globally renowned for its efficiency and accessibility. A key component of this system is its robust healthcare financing framework, designed to ensure that all residents have access to necessary medical care without facing financial hardship.  This article explores the various healthcare financing schemes in Singapore, focusing on their benefits and how […]

Is Screen for Life the Only Government National Screening Programme in Singapore?

mature female patient with examining a young patient

Singapore has a robust healthcare system that emphasizes preventive care to enhance the quality of life and reduce the burden of disease on individuals and the community. One of the key initiatives in this approach is the Screen for Life programme. But is Screen for Life the only government national screening programme in Singapore?  This […]

LPA vs Deputyship: What is the Difference?

elderly man speaking with a female lawyer

When it comes to making decisions on behalf of someone who lacks mental capacity, two legal mechanisms come into play: Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and deputyship. Understanding the nuances between these two arrangements is crucial for individuals and families navigating the complexities of estate planning and healthcare decision-making.  In this article, we will look […]

Am I Allowed to Get the Flu Vaccine if I Am Currently Ill?

doctor giving a patient flu vaccine

Medically Reviewed by Dr Jackie Lam (M.B.B.S. Singapore) As flu season approaches, many individuals may find themselves questioning whether they should still receive the flu vaccine if they are currently feeling unwell. This article aims to address this common concern by providing insights into the safety and efficacy of getting the flu vaccine while experiencing […]

Why is Singapore Turning Towards Preventive Healthcare?

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Singapore, renowned for its efficient and high-quality healthcare system, is increasingly shifting its focus towards preventive healthcare. This proactive approach is designed to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, improve the overall health of its population, and manage healthcare costs effectively.  A pivotal aspect of this transformation is the Healthier SG enrolment initiative, which aims […]

Recognizing Fever-Related Complications in Children

Medically Reviewed by Dr Jackie Lam (M.B.B.S. Singapore) Fevers are a common occurrence in children and are often a natural response to infections. While most fevers are benign and can be managed with proper care, it is crucial for parents and caregivers to recognize when a fever might indicate a more serious condition.  Understanding fever-related […]

Can Children Get Acid Reflux?

gastroenterologist examining a boy's stomach

Medically Reviewed by Dr Ho Ying Jie (M.B.B.S. Singapore & Family Physician of Singapore Medical Council) Acid reflux, a common digestive disorder in adults, can also affect children, albeit less frequently. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for pediatric acid reflux is crucial for parents and caregivers. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the […]